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Semi-automatic tying machine for any type of casing, continuous thread, adjustable speed, no electricity supply required.

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T-70 semi-automatic tying machine


  • Type of tying: continuous string.

  • You consume rolls of string (fitted on a cone).

  • Pneumatic operation (4kg / cm2).

  • Does not require electrical power.

  • Air consumption at normal speed (80 liters per minute).

  • Knee control with fitting for automatic tying.

  • 54mm input mouth.

  • Adjustable twisting.

  • Speed ​​variable from 50 to 140 op. per minute.

  • Tying with 3 twists of string.

  • Machine rests on a table (650 x 500 x 700mm table with 4 stainless steel wheels).

  • Very easy to clean.

  • Measurements 650 x 380 x 420 mm.

  • Weight: 42kg.

  • Made in stainless steel.

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String rolls for tying machine T-70

HABB01White string roll

HAMR01Red string roll

HAMB01Mixed white and red string roll